Entrance Control

While access control systems authenticate authorized personnel using various credentials such as facial recognition, fingerprints, PIN numbers, or key cards, the entrance control system is the one that implements the decision made by the access control system. This is achieved either by opening to grant access or remaining closed to deny entry, and possibly triggering an alarm.

For instance, a card reader functions as an access control device by identifying the cardholder with the appropriate permissions and granting access. However, it is the entrance control system, such as a turnstile, that physically permits or denies access. Therefore, entrance control ensures the proper functioning of the access control system by requiring individuals to present their credentials correctly before allowing entry, thus maintaining security and integrity.

Entrance control systems include parking lot barriers, electromechanical or electronic road blockers, hydraulic bollards, and road traps, along with all sorts of entrance control and automation systems for buildings or open areas. These systems are designed according to the operational scenario provided by the customer and the risk analysis carried out by our engineers, delivering turnkey solutions with optimal equipment configuration.

At Smart Security, we provide you with all the devices and tools you need to ensure control over entry and exit to all your facilities, whether it is a company, parking lots, home, or any place where the owner needs to control the entry and exit process.